Wool Cover Maintenance

The wool cover is made of 100% merino wool and so needs very gentle maintenance. It needs to be washed and lanolized properly before first use to become waterproof.


We recommend hand wash at 30°C maximum (ideally inside out) in a proper detergent for wool. No softeners. What counts here is: The less you wash the better.It’s not necessary to wash the wool cover after every use.
Since lanolized wool has an amazing self-cleaning ability, you can just let the cover air dry between uses and if not soiled, wash every 2-3 weeks. Most of the time you will need to wash the wool cover, you won’t need to lanolize – lanolizing is less frequent.
When washing, just rub the cover gently – no rough scrubbing. If too soiled, you can use bile soap. After washing, gently squeeze excess water out and roll it in a towel to get even more moisture out (no rough wringing), and let air dry. Keep away from direct sun and heat. No dryer!
Please note that the wool cover will shrink after first wash of about 4 cm in its rise.


You will need to lanolize after first wash and then as necessary (about every 4-6 weeks).

How to lanolize?

Drain the water and gently squeeze some water from the wool cover. Melt a teaspoonful of lanolin* in a glass of hot tap water, add a few drops of baby shampoo and swirl it around to get a white emulsion. Fill sink with as much water as needed to submerge the cover – the water should be room temperature – and add the lanolin emulsion you have just prepared (the final solution must be 30°C maximum). Submerge the wool cover and let it soak for about 4 hours. Gently squeeze excess water out, roll it in a towel and let air dry (see above).

*You can buy lanolin in your pharmacy under the name Adeps Lanae or Cera Lanae. To start, we recommend buying 50g.

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