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We welcome new designs!


We are slowly moving to recycled material for our PUL products. That's why the new collection for 2022 is made using eco-friendly recycling!

You can choose from six new patterns.
Knitted Chevron - an effectively structured knitted pattern in pleasant colors.
Flying Bears - you can find a popular teddy bear motive on more nappies. This time we also grabbed them. Their playful design looks great on both nappies and accessories.
Fox Family - foxes in an interesting combination of animal and floral printing.
Rainbow Flames - abstract patterns in breathtaking rainbow colors.
Dinos Friendship - Dinosaurs in unobtrusive natural colors.
Ladybug Fair - a contrasting pattern with ladybugs in an atypical concept.

A complete portfolio of our PUL products will be available with these new designs: a wide range of nappy covers, as well as practical accessories.

We welcome new designs!
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